Galleries pertaining to concerts and music.  Many of the photographs are taken in smaller and intimate venues, offering a unique and up close view point of a musician or band. Other galleries depict a more landscape view of a performance, providing a narrative using lighting and atmosphere.


These galleries showcase public events and attractions, most notably in the United Kingdom.

In some cases, the gallery may link to an article about the event giving you much more context, and are also written by Rachael Carver.


These galleries have a wide range of photographs devoted to natural elements such as wildlife and plants. Many are taken in beautiful gardens belonging to the Natural Trust. It is sometime necessary to remind ourselves how amazing our surroundings actually are.


These galleries often present architectural landscapes, looking at the beauty and decay we have created. These galleries also include architectural details, as many of the building's Rachael enjoys photographing come with beautiful and unique architectural features which she likes to focus on.